Need quality firewood to keep you warm

A woodburner or an open fire or any Fireplace can provide great comfort during the colder months. Such features can be wonderful, attractive additions to any home. With Roskill Firewood Ltd, you can ensure you always have quality firewood on hand. Our team in Auckland provides hassle-free firewood supply services. We can make certain that you always have the wood you need. Our wood is premium quality, and burns extremely well. Contact us today, using the contact detail on this page, to place an order or for more information.

Lumber in front of firewood, stocking for his open fire in Auckland


What we supply:

  • Ti Tree
  • Pine
  • Gum
  • Macracapa
  • Hot Mix (is a combanation of Mac,Gum,Pine
  • Blackwottle
  • Bags of TiTree, Gum, Pine
  • Kingkling
  • And any type of wood your after we have got 

All our wood are Bone dry ready for use.


We do all diliverys or pick up from depo.

our wood is sold by throwen cubic meter this means the volume the wood fills when it is dropped in to the truck as opposed to stacked.

Our trucks can hold up to 6 cubic meters this means we can diliver 2 3 4 5 6 or more meters.

1 meters can be sold on pick ups only.

we have dilivery fees but that all depends on the distence and the meters you order